All of a Sudden, Experience Counts

President Obama is joining GOP candidates’ attacks on frontrunner Mitt Romney’s past experience in the financial equity business. Having little achievements from Obama’s three years in the White House to run on, the Obama campaign’s only tactic is to attack the challenger and Romney is in their crosshairs.

The Obama campaign is using Romney’s past business experience as a negative, saying that he laid off workers, outsourced jobs, and did not create jobs. Regardless of whether this is true or not, it is business experience that Obama never had before becoming president, one of the reasons why Obama has not been able to create jobs (Keeping in mind the forgotten fact that it is not the government’s responsibility to “create” jobs).

“Experience” has been the most hypocritical tool in the Obama-backer’s toolbox. When running for president, Obama was excused for having no experience because experience was over-rated and didn’t count for much – until Sarah Palin became the GOP vice-presidential candidate.

Attacking Palin’s lack of experience to be vice president when she had much, much more experience than Obama who was running for president (with no experience) stands as one of the most hypocritical campaign tactics ever. However, with the media blindly buying into it, it was repeated often enough to become a real factor in the campaign and the blatant hypocrisy was ignored.

Now, all of a sudden, business experience does count for a presidential candidate, though it is being presented as a negative quality. Perhaps there is a certain twisted consistency in this from Obama’s campaign since Obama has shown he is not a big fan of business. However, it does treat experience as an important consideration and that goes directly against his campaign’s previous mantra of “experience doesn’t count”.

This type of hypocrisy from Obama’s supporters may not be a surprise, but it remains seemly. It is also a good reason to treat other claims from the Obama campaign with extreme cynicism because past experience with those claims demands it – and experience counts.

David J. Hentosh


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