Dangerous Defense Cuts

Obama’s approach to diplomacy and foreign policy combined with his distaste for the military has increased international tensions and put the US on a coarse that threatens the security of our country. If continued, it will also threaten the security of the entire free world.

One of the consequences of Obama’s weak diplomacy is Iran’s threat to close the straight of Hormuz. It is a very aggressive move that shows Iran sees little danger of any military response from the US. This is confirmed by the recent cancelling of a planned joint US/Israel military exercise for fear of aggravating tensions with Iran. This is a win for Iran.

Sword rattling is producing results for Iran because of Obama’s reluctance to be more forceful and it has allowed Iran to continue its quest for nuclear weapons. That quest may be, as former U.S. ambassador John Bolton recently said, closer to fruition than many want to believe. Iran’s imminent nuclear capability may force Israel to take unilateral action for its survival, causing the Middle East to explode.

Iraq’s former interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi said that Obama’s claim that Iraq is now a stable and democratic country is wrong. He says Al Qaeda is now fully operational in Iraq. Obama’s desire to fulfill a campaign promise resulted in a premature “declaration” of the war being over (mission accomplished?) and Iraq is now up for grabs by Al Qaeda and Iran.

Defense cuts proposed by the Obama administration could result in the US being unable to meet future threats. Obama’s attempt to cut costs by relying more heavily on technology ignores the success that ‘boots on the ground’ produced in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our loss of a military base in Iraq also means an increased reliance on aircraft carriers to meet threats in the region and they, too, may end up on Obama’s chopping block.

Our government’s prime responsibility is defense. Obama does not seem to agree and a continuation of his policies will push defense lower and lower on his priority list. In a world growing more dangerous and with more countries relying on US military capability, it is irresponsible to treat our military capability as a liability rather than an asset.

David J. Hentosh


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