Another Progressive Failure

In the LA Unified School District, thousands of students have stopped participating in the school lunch program, school lunches are being thrown away, and a black market has emerged among students providing ‘unhealthy’ food. After one year of the school district’s decision to force healthy menus on students, the program’s failure cannot be ignored.

 “Healthy” lunches for students certainly sounds reasonable and something everyone agrees would be ideal – But there’s the rub. Ideals are perfect and trying to legislate or force perfection does not work because reality is not perfect. This is the basic flaw in a progressive ideology that refuses to accept anything less than perfection and ignores human nature.

A hungry student does not do well in school, so school lunches are important. What a child eats is a parent’s responsibility and the best a school should do is offer a variety for the student’s choice. The fact that many students do not have responsible parents does not mean that schools should stop focusing on education to become substitute parents. Providing food that students will eat establishes a better learning environment that allows a school to do its job.

Progressive failures such as this abound. Obamacare mandates, Chevy Volt, Solyndra, UN climate change conference, and many other attempts to force ideological ideals verify the futility of doing so. Everyone has heard the old adage about good intentions paving the road to hell, but progressives’ quest for perfection breeds a self-righteous attitude that refutes past wisdom. Progressives focus on what “should” be and fail to see what “is” and end up trying to force what they believe “must” be. The majority suffers because of it.

David J. Hentosh


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