Panetta Displays Administration’s Poor Policies

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta can’t seem to stop himself from revealing military strategies to the enemy. His distorted method of defending our country is to let our enemy know our next move in order to…what? It is not clear what he expects from this, but it dovetails well with this administration’s failed approach to foreign policy.

Panetta’s recent revelation of a strong possibility that Israel will attack Iran in April, May or June guarantees that Israel will keep the US out of the loop. Perhaps “plausible deniability” is behind Panetta’s puzzling revelation, thereby, allowing this administration to renege on its commitment to Israel afterwards. Perhaps it was meant to alert the world and Iran so that Israel would be forced to cancel or delay such an attack, thereby, giving Iran another chance to see the error if its ways.

Considering that Panetta has also alerted our enemy by revealing US strategy to end combat missions in Afghanistan by the middle of next year, the revelation of Israel’s possible attack is more likely to be just another bungled move from one ill-suited for the position of Secretary of Defense. Whatever the reason, Panetta and the entire Obama administration seem intent on pursuing an idealistic notion of diplomacy where talking nicely thwarts blood-thirsty aggression and a world court decides US policy.

To that end, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to request more sanctions against Iran from the UN as if Iran’s nuclear weapons program will evaporate under pronouncements from such an impotent and toothless organization. The only result UN sanctions have produced so far is an increase in Iran’s aggressiveness and more time for Iran’s nuclear weapons program to come to fruition before Obama is voted out of office.

Obama’s focus in now on getting re-elected, so making waves with Iran is the furthest thing from his mind. Unfortunately, this comes at a time when Iran is desperately trying to utilize the window of opportunity it has been given. Panetta’s revelations also reveal this administration’s intent to continue failed policies. Israel and the entire world may suffer the dangerous consequences from this administration’s refusal to “change” its strategy.

David J. Hentosh


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2 Responses to “Panetta Displays Administration’s Poor Policies”

  1. Denise Barber Says:

    Iran is not my enemy. They cannot do a THING to the USA. Israel is the problem HENTOSH. Liar Panettai one of their paid whores

    • thomasjeffersonclubblog Says:

      Sure, just like a few terrorists couldn’t do a thing to the USA and Hitler (who was also convinced the Jews were the problem) was no danger to the USA or the world. Keep those blinders on and continue your hatred for Israel as Iran finally gets a nuke and USES IT and starts another world war. Iran has plainly revealed its intent. Iran may not be YOUR enemy, but your inability to rationally process facts certainly is, based on calling Panetta a paid whore of Israel when he is clearly backing away from Israel’s corner. By the way, you forgot to call me a racist or an Islamophobe. Methinks you are not following your given talking points properly.

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