Afghanistan Spin Same as Vietnam

The weapons, environment, and situation may be different, but the political spin is the same. The war in Afghanistan is being declared over as was the war in Vietnam – for political purposes – and the administration is hiding the truth.

Facing political pressure, President Nixon declared the Vietnam War to be over and removed our troops under the guise of a peace agreement with North Vietnam, promising to back South Vietnam if the North broke that treaty. South Vietnam was not capable of defending itself and never received the aid promised (Congress refused that aid) when the North immediately reneged on the agreement. The result was a quick victory for the North and approximately 3 million people subsequently slaughtered.

President Obama (along with the Pentagon) has declared the war in Afghanistan to be over in much the same way and is spinning conditions in Afghanistan to validate pulling the troops out, a hasty decision made to benefit his re-election campaign. The truth, however, is much different and, thanks to a heads up from Drudge, we get a glimpse of reality from Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis.

Lt. Col. Davis spent much time in Afghanistan and tells us: “I saw little to no evidence the local governments were able to provide for the basic needs of the people”. This, of course, is opposite of what the administration says. Relating several specific observations and situations, Lt. Col. Davis further says: “As the numbers depicting casualties and enemy violence indicate the absence of progress, so too did my observations of the tactical situation all over Afghanistan”.

It seems that the Taliban have almost free reign in Afghanistan and are poised, and eager, to take over once our troops are gone. This is not a secret to the administration, yet, we are being told Obama’s war in Afghanistan is a success and Afghanistan can fend for itself. Having very few accomplishments to campaign on, Obama is spinning this as a “win”.

Our failure to fulfill our commitment in Vietnam is an embarrassment. It also provides the Taliban in Afghanistan incentive to continue fighting, knowing the current administration is poised to repeat that embarrassment. Three million died as a result of political expedience in Vietnam. How many will die in Afghanistan?

David J. Hentosh


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