Ann Coulter Bites Liberals – Again

Once again, Ann Coulter (my favorite pit bull – and I mean that as a compliment) takes a bite out of the rear end of liberals and exposes hypocrisy. If Ann ever decides to let loose and tell us how she really feels, it would truly be something to behold. For now, we will have to be content with the watered-down, polite version of her feelings.

From Ann Coulter

Liberals are disgusted by people who made their own money, as Romney did at Bain Capital. But they admire ill-gotten gains, which is how John Kerry, John Edwards, Jon Corzine, John F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt and innumerable other spokesmen for the downtrodden amassed their fortunes.

Democrats are very proud of the rich, patrician FDR — who inherited all of his money…JFK also inherited his wealth, from a father who made his money as a bootlegger and stock manipulator…Kerry…acquired his fortune by marrying someone, who married someone, who inherited the money…John Edwards made well over $50 million by shaking down hardworking doctors with junk science lawsuits…

The six wealthiest senators are all Democrats, half of whom married or inherited their money…Democrats don’t hate the rich; they are the rich, luxuriating in fortunes acquired by inheritance or marriage, fleecing the taxpayer, trial lawyer hucksterism or disreputable money manipulation. Their contempt is reserved for those who engage in honest work for a living…

Read it all here: Ann Coulter




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  1. Basharr Says:

    Let us not forget the freakish Nancy Pelosi who votes pro union yet none of her businesses are union shops. Is also like Michael Moore, slamming down capitalism, but only after he made a fortune via capitalism. It is hypocrisy and if any of these lying freaks ever stood behind their rantings, Hell would freeze over like an ice age ridding us of their BS once and for all.

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