Wrong “Rights”

Repeating something does not make it so. Unfortunately, repetition and blind adherence to a political agenda have many people convinced of “rights” where none exist.

One example is the perceived “right” to free health care insurance which has now morphed into a “right” to  also have birth control and abortion provided by health insurance companies and/or the government. The repetition and conviction that is used to advance this has no basis in our Bill of Rights or our country’s history. It is an assumed “right”.

The idea that birth control and abortion are strictly a woman’s health issue is a distortion for the purpose of attaching it to the perceived “right” to free health insurance. Citizens have responsibilities, and a woman (or a man) is responsible for her sexual activity and the consequences of that activity (keeping the issue of rape as the separate, special circumstance that it is). Having access to birth control methods (or abortion) may certainly be a benefit worthy of government support, but it is not a “right”.

Once a “right” is granted, the government is on the hook to protect it and, consequently, provide it. This, of course, falls into line with an agenda seeking government control of everything. Turning many of these perceived “rights” into actual ones would result in a more intrusive and controlling government – and fewer individual choices.

Unfortunately, there is no uproar concerning the loss of actual rights. One has the right to hate as well as to love anyone or anything, but expressing one’s hate, or even distaste, is fast becoming a crime. It is certainly recognized that acting upon one’s hate can turn into a crime, but expressing it is a protected right that is currently under siege.

Conversely, those who express themselves in ways that offend others always scream about their right to free speech when challenged. The mistaken idea that free speech protects them from the consequences of expressing themselves is also a perceived “right” where none exists.

Wrong “rights” are causing much turmoil. Many believe that cell phones, a college education, camping on public grounds, job security, tenure, high wages, pension plans, and many other things are “rights”. Clarification is sorely needed. That would be the “right” thing for the government to do.

David J. Hentosh


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