Obama’s Gas Prices

Obama is now scrambling to find someone to blame for the high gas prices that are currently settling in for the coming summer. However, those prices were just one of the energy goals he proudly set when elected. His weak stance on Iran, combined with an idealistic push for a “green” everything, set the stage for rising gas prices that are coming at a time when the economy is strained.

From Victor Davis Hanson at NRO

Suddenly the administration seems to think that high energy prices are bad and, in fact, that it has done a lot to lower them…the fact that gas prices have doubled since January 2009 suggests that whatever the current Obama policy is, it has not worked…

Our departure from Iraq has had nothing to do with calming oil prices…Here at home we have increased oil production despite, not because, of Obama’s policies…(the administration) has discouraged new efforts in the Gulf, off-shore, in Alaska, and in the west — and was quite proud that it had…blocking the Keystone pipeline hardly encourages Middle East producers to make up the slack…

…why is there an administration worry about soon-to-be $5 gas, given that such European levels are necessary to make Solyndra- and Volt-like projects economically viable? When soon-to-be energy secretary Steven Chu declared…that “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe,” and when a soon-to-be President Obama warned that under his agenda cutbacks on domestic coal production would mean “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket,” the message was clear…higher energy prices, less consumption, less global warming, more subsidized wind and solar, high-speed rail, and “millions of green jobs…So what’s the problem?

Read the rest here:  Victor Davis Hanson



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