Obama is Full of … Gas

At a recent press conference, President Obama dismissed accusations that his administration wants higher gas prices, saying: “Going into an election, do you think the president of the United States wants gas prices to go higher?” This sounds like a re-election concern much more than a concern for consumers and, shrewdly enough, it addresses only the current rise in gas prices.

Obama is working up a sweat dancing around his past declaration of wanting higher gas prices in order to usher in his energy policy. In 2008 he made it clear that rising gas prices didn’t bother him, wishing only that they would rise more gradually.

Steven Chu, who is now Obama’s Energy Secretary, agreed back then and wanted gas prices to rise to the level of Europe’s prices. That price was about $8 a gallon back in 2008, so the current US price that is approaching $4 a gallon must be a major disappointment for Chu. Will he admit he wants higher gas prices? Don’t bet on it as long as Obama is running for re-election.

How can Obama say “I want gas prices lower because they hurt families” when his energy policy depends on higher gas prices? Also dependent on higher gas prices was Obama’s pet project, the GM Volt, no longer in production because of poor sales. Higher gas prices may have boosted Volt sales along with Obama’s agenda and re-election chances. Do you really think he didn’t want higher gas prices?

Many were surprised and disappointed with Obama once he was elected, but they weren’t listening closely. Obama told us clearly what he wanted to do if elected but the press failed to pass that on in a responsible manner. Consequently, many did not know who they were voting for. There is no excuse this time. He told us he wanted higher gas prices and he meant it then as he means it now. Don’t get fooled again.

David J. Hentosh


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2 Responses to “Obama is Full of … Gas”

  1. skrepps Says:

    Regardless of whether he wants to make them rise or fall, he can’t do either. Politicians know that, everything said otherwise is just propaganda. Check the video on my latest post to hear the conservative explanation (of course it was back in 2008 under bush, I wonder why they have changed their minds?)

  2. Bill O'Neill Says:

    Barack Obama refuses to answer the question “Does he want gas prices to rise?” Why would I want gas prices to rise is a question, not an answer to the question,
    Bill O’Neill

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