Rushing After Rush

It just doesn’t get lamer than this. The liberal media is obsessed with, and offended by, a few stupid comments from Rush Limbaugh and is adamantly forcing them to be a national crisis. Pathetically, even President Obama has joined this idiot circus by contacting the woman who Rush offended and offering condolences, apologies, and maybe an ambassadorship for all we know.

It is pure political theater with the president of the US joining the idiot cast as a court jester. Bill Maher, Ed Shultz, Keith Olbermann, Michael Moore, Joy Behar, and a host of others have ignorantly uttered slurs equal to, or much worse, than the one from Rush. Yet, president Obama never even gave a thought to offering sympathy or an apology to Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman, Michelle Malkin, or so many others who have been targets of their leftist hate. The media, too, remained silent.

This blatant display of partisanship, particularly from the White House, is a disgrace. It is also another instance of the political pettiness surrounding Obama. Limbaugh is a private citizen, not a political figure or party spokesman, and yet Obama joins the rush to censor him and, hopefully, smear the GOP candidates in the process.

Perhaps if the liberal media treated Obama’s insults to our allies as seriously as those from Rush this wouldn’t be so offensive. Perhaps if the liberal media also took to task those of their ilk who regularly cross the line of decency this indictment of Rush would make more sense. Perhaps if the media, along with President Obama, apologized to the American People for being so hypocritical and blatantly partisan there would be a chance for them to regain some credibility. It is not to be.

It seems that the President of the US and the liberal media no longer wish to continue even the pretense of objectivity or bipartisanship. How, then, can anyone hold even the pretense of respect for them?

David J. Hentosh

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One Response to “Rushing After Rush”

  1. righton Says:

    Imagine my surprise when I “googled” Sandra Fluke’s name. She is an activist who targeted Georgetown, actually, Read all about it.

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