Media’s Framing of Issues is Deceitful

NBC’s Brian Williams unabashedly misled viewers recently when he proclaimed that the Republican Party has decided to “go after reproductive rights”. The real issue is the validity (and Constitutionality) of Obamacare’s mandate for health insurance to supply (free) contraceptives to women even when it goes against the tenets of religious organizations.

The false idea that a woman’s “right” to contraceptives is being attacked is ludicrous. Contraceptives are widely available, often free of charge. Stopping this mandate does nothing to block that access whatsoever. Furthermore, providing contraceptives for free is not a “right”, so framing it as one is pure deception to help advance an agenda.

Similarly, requiring identification to vote is not a racist tactic, a burden on the poor, or a “concerted assault on minority voters”. ID is a standard requirement in today’s society for many things and it is an insult to all minorities or poor people to consider it beyond their capability to obtain proper ID – free of charge. Following this deceitful logic, shouldn’t it also be considered an “assault” to require ID for enrollment in government entitlement programs?

Interestingly enough, traveling in order to exercise one’s “right” to free contraceptives is not considered a burden – only traveling to get an ID is a burden. Perhaps when the public is brainwashed completely to the idea of free contraceptives being a “right”, the government will require itself to deliver them. Just don’t expect the government to deliver an ID while they’re at it. That would be a racist assault.

David J. Hentosh


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