Jane Fonda: Radio Expert

Jane Fonda joined with Robin Morgan and Gloria Steinem in calling for Rush Limbaugh to be pulled off the air for his remarks about a Georgetown law student. Jane has a lot of experience with offensive remarks over the radio, so perhaps her credentials should be remembered as she speaks out about Rush.

During the Vietnam War in 1970, Jane Fonda visited Hanoi, comforting our enemy and protesting US actions in Vietnam. While being treated as a hero by the North Vietnamese, she made approximately ten radio broadcasts denouncing American military and political leaders as war criminals. She also called for our soldiers in Vietnam to lay down their weapons and refuse military orders.

Jane followed her treasonous radio broadcasts with denials of torture being carried out on our prisoners of war held in North Vietnam. She naively accepted the propaganda fed to her by the North Vietnamese and called returning POWs testifying about torture “hypocrites and liars”. Her behavior went far beyond mere protesting and a very credible case  has been made for her to be brought up on charges of treason.

Unfortunately, treason charges were never brought against Jane for fear of causing more upheaval in the country during those turbulent times. Jane escaped prosecution and, instead, the country that she found so wrong rewarded her with millions of dollars from sales of exercise tapes. The infamous photos of Jane smiling and sitting on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun (used to shoot down US planes) remain as a testament to her actions.

Those photos should resurface again as a reminder of Jane Fonda’s political acumen. Perhaps one of her radio broadcasts should be played alongside Rush’s to see which one is more offensive. Jane’s excuses and lame attempt at an apology fell very short of being anything more than an attempt to put her traitorous actions behind her. If she wants to now speak out against Rush’s radio show, she should be held accountable for her own radio show broadcasts from North Vietnam in 1970.

Beware Jane; there is no statute of limitations for the charge of treason.

David J. Hentosh


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