Media Manufactured Mess

Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey charged George Zimmerman with second-degree murder, deciding not to put this before a grand jury. With the media already convicting Zimmerman and the race issue burning bright, this decision may have been a politically correct one rather than a legal one. Angela Corey is on the hot seat and may have felt pressured.

The problem here is that if the evidence does not back up the charge, it could be thrown out of court before ever getting to trial or end up in an acquittal on the difficult to prove charge of second-degree murder. This could further inflame the emotional responses that are already getting out of hand and spark riots ala the Rodney King verdict.  It certainly would increase the racial divide in the country.

The liberal media forced a rush to judgment by cherry-picking information it broadcast and deliberately injecting race into the incident. Always eager to further a progressive agenda and portray any minority as a victim, the media is responsible for the racial tensions and discord that have occurred.

Regardless of the outcome or what truly happened (if we ever find out), the media’s pre-judgmental coverage has been an embarrassment for the country. The world sees us through the media’s eyes and that vision is increasingly negative. Reluctant to broadcast anything positive about our country, the media assuages its liberal guilt by exaggerating our flaws.

It is a further indictment of the media that polls are asking about guilt before facts are even known. Asking whether Zimmerman should have been arrested would make more sense, but that wouldn’t cater to racial indignation. Under the guidance of the media, those polls clearly indicate a racial divide the questions were intended to highlight.

The one thing this fiasco has made clear is that the media is out of control and in its misguided, agenda-driven effort to help, is forcing the country backwards in race relations – and making a total mess of it.

David J. Hentosh

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