Liberal Wars

During the Vietnam War era, liberals were aggressively vocal about their distaste for the military and made it very clear they were against almost all wars, regardless of cause. “Make love, not war” was the inane, bumper-sticker philosophy of the anti-war movement, its sheer simplicity indicative of the shallow understanding of many protesters.

Having a propensity for exaggeration, liberals took idealism and frustration to the disgusting level of blaming our troops and began denigrating them as scapegoats. This was not acceptable to the vast majority and the liberal cause lost much respect and suffered badly as a result, particularly at the voting booth.

The lesson learned showed up during John Kerry’s campaign for president in 2004 when his status as a Vietnam War vet was proudly touted by liberals as a major qualification for the presidency. It was a strange liberal turnaround – and it was a sham. It was a blatant and transparent political attempt by liberals to ingratiate themselves with the majority. It ended up backfiring on Kerry.

Flash forward to today and we find the turnaround complete with liberals fully embracing the idea of “war” as a political tool and tactic. Protests that started against “Bush’s War” in Iraq quickly turned into enthusiastic support for “Obama’s War” in Afghanistan. Bush’s “surge” in Iraq, hated by liberals and predicted to fail, became Obama’s surge when it succeeded and was held up as an example of Obama’s superior competency in warfare.

In this turnaround, liberals have embraced exaggeration again, labeling controversial political issues as a “war” in the hope of gaining sympathy from the majority. Thus we find the so-called “war against women”, the “war against choice”, the “war against the poor”, the “race war”, the “culture war”, and the “war against minorities”. All have become accepted, standard talking points in the liberal media. (Yes, conservatives are also guilty with the “war against Christians”, the “war against the unborn”, etc, – but conservatives never embraced hatred towards the military or considered all wars to be evil, therefore, the lack of irony or hypocrisy is an exemption here.)

Rather than calm things down, Obama has fueled this war effort with aggressive rhetoric that pits the middle class and the poor against the rich. He has sparked a real “class warfare” that could have dire consequences. It is deliberate, it is political, it is manipulative, it is deceitful, it is fracturing, and it is disgraceful.

David J. Hentosh


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