Will Photos Be Obama’s Abu Ghraib? – Not Likely

The liberal mainstream media had a gleeful obsession with the Abu Ghraib incident, exemplified by the NY Times printing front-page stories about it for 32 days in a row. It was an international embarrassment for the United States, a stain on the military, a sinister depiction of our efforts in Iraq, and another way to blame Bush (and Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld) for…everything. What was there not to like for the far-left media?

Perhaps with nostalgia for those good old days, the LA Times recently published two-year-old pictures of soldiers posing with Afghan body parts. They did this against the expressed wishes of the Pentagon. Any reluctance to taint Obama’s ‘good’ war with negativity was overcome by a deep hatred of the military and the chance to snub the evil Pentagon. How could they resist?

Obama, sympathetic to leftist ideology, did not admonish the media over their Abu Ghraib excesses. Instead, he took advantage of the media frenzy with campaign promises to stop torture, close down Gitmo, and get our troops out of Iraq. Now, however, reality may have penetrated his idealistic bubble because the tune he’s singing is in a slightly different key.

Obama’s White House, related by spokesman Baghdad Bob Jay Carney, rebuked the media, saying it is “disappointed…[with] the decision to publish two years after the incident”. The White House (Obama) feared that the photos could put soldiers at risk, a consideration sneered at during the Abu Ghraib feeding frenzy.

Carney further related that “[The] conduct depicted in those photographs is reprehensible and does not in any way represent the high standards of the US military”. This, too, was not in keeping with the Abu Ghraib meme of an out-of-control, evil, military.

With liberal Obama in the White House, it is a safe bet that the NY Times will not break its front-page reporting record. The media can’t resist smearing the military and will force the story, but when the mud begins splattering Obama, they will back off. Elections are coming.

This is just so sadly predictable.

David J. Hentosh

Update:   Networks Dowplaying Photos


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