Media Not Biased?

Recent information revealing Al Qaeda’s opinion of US news organizations should put an end to the continuous denial of bias from the liberal media. Al Qaeda has made it clear it is at war with the US and wants to use anything it can find to help. Therefore, they have assessed the news organizations and determined which ones could assist their cause.

It goes without saying that Al Qaeda hates FOX News which, of course, should be considered a testimony to the balanced reporting that occurs at FOX. Al Qaeda is a terrorist organization and sympathy for their cause does not lie in the lines or between the lines in FOX reporting. Al Qaeda is not labeled as freedom fighters or victims.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the other networks. Al Qaeda considers the other networks to be equal in their “professionalism and neutrality” in comparison to FOX. Although Al Qaeda stated that “there is no single channel that [al Qaeda] could rely on for [their] messages”, ABC News was considered “one of the best channels” as far as the terrorist organization was concerned.

Al Qaeda expressed a favorable opinion of ABC News’ Brian Ross, former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann, and former CNN Senior Editor of Mideast Affairs Octavia Nasr, singling them out in its report dealing with how to exploit the media. It was even mentioned that MSNBC may have lost some of its neutrality when it fired Keith Olbermann. That’s sure to show up proudly in Keith’s resume.

Any semblance of praise from a murderous terrorist organization should be a huge wake-up call for a news organization. If that doesn’t penetrate their fog of denial, nothing ever will. Recent history suggests that denial is as engrained as the bias. That is as sad as it is pathetic. Only ratings can make a difference and when they disappear, so, too, will those news organizations as they exist today. It can’t happen soon enough.

David J. Hentosh


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