Obama’s Paid Endorsement?

Regardless of anyone’s opinion on the gay marriage issue, Obama’s planned endorsement should be a little disconcerting to all. Everything he does is political and, unfortunately, everything he does is labeled great and historic by blind, adoring followers. It is not a stretch of the imagination to consider his gay marriage endorsement to be a paid endorsement.

From The Telegraph

Here’s the problem with the press coverage of Barack Obama: the mainstream media is so overwhelmed by his charisma that they often miss the important details…On Monday, the day before the North Carolina vote, the Hollywood Reporter reported that the marriage question was hurting Obama among west coast donors…One in six of Obama’s so-called bundlers – people who raise money in great stacks for the president’s campaign – is gay…So on Monday, Obama was losing dollars on the Hollywood fundraising circuit. On Wednesday, he endorsed gay marriage…On Thursday, he flew to Hollywood for a fundraiser…Within minutes of the ABC interview that broke the endorsement, the Pres Tweeted “Same-sex couples should be able to get married”…Within 90 minutes, Obama’s re-election campaign had pulled in $1 million in donations…That’s what Barack Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage was all about – not history, not equality…

Read it here: Follow the Money




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