Sounds of Silence from the Media

Sometimes, silence speaks volumes, and the silence on many issues from today’s liberal media is more telling than the flood of opinions it passes off as news. That silence is wrapped in bias, the same bias the media continues to vehemently deny. The silence is much too loud to ignore.

In Kentucky’s Democrat primary, uncontested president Obama won just 58% of primary voters while 42% voted for “uncommitted”. In Arkansas, 42% of primary voters opted for a challenger wanting to repeal Obamacare. In West Virginia, a candidate serving a prison term won 41% of the primary votes. These election events went unreported or under-reported by many network news shows because they are very embarrassing for Obama. There is no other excuse.

When the Catholic Church announced its massive, unprecedented lawsuit against Obama and his health care reforms, ABC and NBC ignored the story during their evening newscasts. When the networks finally felt forced to cover the story, their “analysis” overwhelmingly sought the views of politicians, predominantly Democrats. Very few church officials were interviewed, thus keeping the church’s side of the story silent.

Edward Klein, author of the book “The Amateur”, revealed that in his 3-hour interview with Reverend Wright he was told that the Reverend was offered “hush money” from a close friend of Obama in 2008 to essentially disappear until after the election. This potential damaging information went uncovered by the networks which, once again, used silence to protect their beloved Obama.

This biased silence is nothing new from the media and it comes in many different forms. From refusing to dig into Obama’s relationships with Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers to ignoring Obama’s drug use (while over-hyping Romney’s alleged bullying) and his college transcripts, the media’s silence has been instrumental in getting Obama elected and is now geared for his re-election. It is a deliberate strategy and a clear indictment of the media.

Continued media denial of bias can no longer be heard over the din of its silence – and it is getting much too loud.

David J. Hentosh


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