Obama Puts Re-election Ahead of Security

Obama’s “soft” diplomacy has given Iran years to stall for time while pursuing nuclear weapons. Iran has been playing Obama like a puppet and is now pulling the string of Obama’s quest for re-election. It is clear that Obama is more interested in getting re-elected than stopping Iran’s nuclear program and Iran is using it as a lever. Rhetoric has been, and still is, Obama’s way to counter Iran’s aggressiveness and it continues to be Iran’s most useful tool.

From FT.com via DRUDGE

Over the past few weeks, there has been growing optimism in western capitals that Iran might be forced into a compromise over its nuclear program and avoid a war with Israel and the US…But after often fraught bargaining in Baghdad, diplomats left declaring they had made no progress at all…Tehran has room for manoeuvre, particularly because the US is determined that talks must not break down before its presidential election…Washington is desperate to stop Israel carrying out an attack before November – an event that would drag the US into war and also destabilize President Barack Obama’s chances of re-election…what is also clear is that the negotiations will get a great deal harder if there is no clear progress at the next meeting in Moscow on June 18…failure at Moscow will force Mr. Obama to ratchet up the rhetoric against the regime in order to counter Republican accusations that he is being strung along by Iranian prevarication.

Read it here: Iran talks end in harsh lesson for West


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