The Jewish Lobby Puppet

Able to leap buildings with a single bound, Obama impressed all, again, with his superior intelligence. During a meeting with Jewish community leaders, he assured them that all his friends in Chicago were Jewish and that in the beginning of his career, he was accused of being a puppet of the Israel lobby. As if that weren’t enough, he also told them that he knew more about Judaism than any other president because…he read about it. Obama’s attempt to out-Biden vice president Biden would be laughable if he were not serious – but he is.

Rest assured that his band of notable Jewish friends, such as Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Eric Whitaker, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, and even Rod Blagojevich will back him up on his claims, but searching for his Bar Mitzvah certificate will not be as successful as was the search for his birth certificate.

It is embarrassing to watch an egomaniac ring his own bell, but when it is the president of the US it is frightening. Obama believes his own hype and many of his actions have been based on his belief that he knows best about everything. He has ignored professional military advice concerning Afghanistan and, having no military background, he personally selects targets for drones. Incredibly, his justification is that he is a student of Catholic just-war theory or, in other words, he read about it.

Obama is mishandling economic recovery, the budget, health care reform, diplomatic relations, financial reform, immigration reform, and now, even his own image because of his lack of experience. His well-read ego blinds him to it all and the sycophants surrounding him, and in the media, feed the farce. How do we know this? We read about it.

David J. Hentosh

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4 Responses to “The Jewish Lobby Puppet”

  1. Basharr Says:

    Does anybody remember Rocky and Bullwinkle? Bullwinkle always had a segment called “Mr. Know-it-all” Well this country is being lead by Bullwinkle. How awesome he must seem…To himself.

  2. Bill Says:

    His ignorance abounds. While giving a Freedom Medal to a Polish hero he referred to the death camps in Poland as Polish Death camps I guess he forgot or never knew the Germans occupied Poland and ran those camps. He not only tees off the Jews he has teed off the Poles.

  3. Neil Milgram Says:

    Unbelievably well put.

  4. Linda Gross Says:

    Thank you for all of your articles. I love reading them! They help me to feel sane in an upside-down world.

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