More White House Leaks Desired

Far-left ideologues don’t let the English language get in the way of their idealistic notions. MSNBC host Chris Hayes proved this, saying: “I think we need more leaks and not less… we should know how the war is operating and what’s going on with a kill list that’s operating out of the White House or what covert activities we’re engaged in.”

Every dictionary clearly defines the meaning of “covert” and there is no mention of any sort of public airing. Of course, this type of ignorance is nothing new from the far-left. The word “Illegal” doesn’t apply to those breaking laws to enter the country; “Rich” defines anyone making more money than they do; “racist” only applies to white people; and “pro-choice” means killing a fetus with impunity. The left-leaning dictionary is very dynamic – and self-serving.

Chris Hayes is spinning, the only thing he knows how to do. If alleged leaks came from a conservative White House, we would hear the exact opposite from Hayes. He is displaying the primitive behavior of Pavlov’s dogs and anything outside his idealistic bubble causes salivation.

One can understand and excuse this type of behavior in dogs, but not in people. When a news network not only allows, but promotes this behavior, it is truly pathetic.

David J. Hentosh


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