Slapping Patriotism in the Face

It is not surprising that Google did not alter its logo one bit in celebration of June 14th, Flag Day. Google is very proud of its distaste for the military, American tradition, conservatives, and even the country itself. A simple US flag adorning its logo might somehow be taken as respect for this country, and that is not something they can tolerate. They do cutesy things with their logo all the time, but not in the name of patriotism.

Any display or admission of patriotism has become shunned by the left in this highly partisan society, unless from a leftist ideologue. Wearing a US flag pin has become regarded as a purely conservative act, so displaying an American flag on one’s porch is nothing short of the sign of the devil in a liberal neighborhood, especially on Flag Day.

This Flag Day finds the Washington Post’s front page sporting a picture of a tall ship’s mast at the “Star-Spangled Sailabration” in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, only the flag flying at the top of the mast is the Mexican flag. Please do not take it for an unfortunate coincidence or oversight. Take it for what it is: an intentional slap in the face of patriotism – and an example of the far-left’s regard of the country.

David J. Hentosh


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