The “Big Gulp” Slippery Slope

The “slippery slope” argument has been used so often that it has become a cliché eliciting sneers whenever used. Clichés certainly do get stale, but their validity does not diminish from overuse. The slippery slope is alive and well.

The mayor of NY City, “Big Brother” Bloomberg, decided that soft drinks larger than 16 oz. are responsible for obesity and people should not be allowed to buy one in a restaurant or other eatery. Thus, a “Big Gulp” ban throughout the city is being considered.

Bloomberg’s hand-picked nanny board, proud of itself, is now considering other doses of foods they need to ban such as theater popcorn, milk shakes, and coffee beverages. You can be sure the “Big Mac” is looking over its shoulder and menus throughout the city are turning up with the word “large” or “extra large” hastily blackened-out.

This is the slippery slope in action, brought to you by elite “progressives” who know better than you about anything and everything. This slippery slope of control was greased by Obama’s flagrant use and has become his administration’s preferred method of getting from point A to point B. It should not be surprising that his followers are…following.

The fact that a majority of New Yorkers seem to agree with the “Big Gulp” ban is an indication of how well they can follow or how little confidence they have in making personal choices. In either case, it will soon be decried that the “Big” Apple is no longer an acceptable moniker and the “Giants” will be forced to change their name. Nothing is safe on the slippery slope in NY City – except maybe large increases in taxes.

David J. Hentosh


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