Socialist Blindness

With the recent election of Francois Hollande as president, France re-committed to a socialist agenda and refused to read the writing on the wall. Hollande has been bolstered further with Socialists winning control of Parliament, assuring him a majority. This is France’s answer to a faltering economy, high unemployment, and debt.

Citizens conditioned to government assistance became enraged when cutbacks were announced in France to ease the economic crisis. Rioting in the streets occurred when the retirement age was increased from 60 to 62. One of Hollande’s first acts was to lower that retirement age back to 60, appeasing citizens while displaying his adherence to the socialistic agenda. He even granted more generous benefits to some workers, proving he is blind.

Rescinding government ‘give-away’ programs is always difficult and other European countries have experienced rioting when forced to do so. Nevertheless, cutbacks have to occur and Hollande will have a tough time keeping government assistance programs from the chopping block while trying to implement his “growth” (aka “spending”) strategy for bolstering the economy.

Unrealistic goals are at the core of the socialist agenda and, consequently, blindness becomes a necessary strategy. Reality proves that idealistic goals can never be attained, but acknowledging that would derail a socialist agenda. It is much easier to remain blind, and Hollande will stay popular with French citizens as long as he continues to pretend that government subsistence need not be deterred.

When more people go on government assistance there are less people to squeeze taxes from to pay for it all and, therefore, the house of cards has to collapse. This is very obvious, so blinders are a must for those committed to the socialist agenda. It seems the French have blinders on and have joined Hollande in kicking the can down the road. That road has a dead end and France will arrive shortly. Reality will then take over.

David J. Hentosh


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2 Responses to “Socialist Blindness”

  1. NM Says:

    That’s why God invented sand, so people can hide their heads in it.

  2. Steve Onufrey Says:

    VERY well said Dave

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