Al Gore’s Infamous Legacy

Al Gore may be laughing all the way to the bank, but the controversy he spawned over global warming has become one of the most polarizing issues in the world. Had Gore not been a politician, the attention he brought to the issue of global climate could have produced a much better result. Having already been mired in political partisanship, however, Gore’s myopic obsession produced a poisonous mixture of politics and science.

Climate change can no longer be discussed rationally or objectively and far too many climatologists have allowed politics to sway their research. The most egregious result is that “climate change” has become synonymous with “global warming” which has become synonymous with “anthropogenic (man-made) global warming”. They are not the same and that confusion permeates the media, politics, and public understanding.

Exaggerated and panic-stricken predictions about global warming have taken a tremendous economical toll. Hastily going “green” has put us in the red. The government invested heavily in the production of inefficient products that are shunned by consumers. This premature marketing effort shifted focus from research to production, stunting efforts to increase efficiency and losing vast amounts of taxpayer money. Far too many government “green” policies were rashly implemented and proving to be very costly with very little ‘bang for the buck’.

Many dire climate predictions have already proved false and much of the early data has been shown to be in error. The science of the issue is not “settled” as Gore would have everyone believe and the complexity involved causes climate models and data interpretation to continually change. Announcements of scientific proof of global warming are followed by scientific disclaimers – all from reputable scientists. How can one call this “settled”? Until the panic, or the planet, cools down, there can be no settlement.

The media’s knee-jerk reaction, sound bite philosophy, and political leaning to Gore fanned the flames. They did the same in the 70’s with predictions of a coming Ice Age based, again, on premature data. The idea of a man-made catastrophe appealed strongly to the misanthropic far-left and they jumped on Gore’s bandwagon. The rest is history, and Gore’s place in that history may very well prove to be one of infamy.

David J. Hentosh


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5 Responses to “Al Gore’s Infamous Legacy”

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  2. 658hardtidowncar1975 Says:

    Reblogged this on Shaylon Lackings Journal.

  3. Shaun Says:

    PS – Not only that, but how much money has been made by green companies when govenment agencies spent tax payer money on their technologies – especially the hydrogen issue ! I am no so against the subsidising of electric cars, but wonder if its really morally right to use tax payers money for this and not just let the industry take off on its own, like any other private industry.

    Something interesting that creationist Walt Brown says in his book on the Hydroplate theory: In the section on global warming, he seems to think that water vapour (although not a true GAS) is a far more powerfull ‘gas’ than CO2 or methane, etc. Nobody is protesting against factories releasing steam into the atmosphere ! Wonder if that is true – clouds DO trap a lot of heat ! Probably more than CO2 !

  4. Shaun Says:

    I remember watching his documentary “An incovient truth” and remember him in his presentation saying something like “What’s more important ? this big chunk of gold on this side of the scale, or – THE ENTIRE PLANET on this side of the scale ? Many might say Mmmmmmm Gold, Mmmmmmm !!!!! (laughing from audience)” But I think this is what he was thinking when he made the documentary, was he not already a multi-millionaire ? He could have made the doccie for free then ! (I am assuming my country’s and other’s main broadcasting corporation paid him royalties to have permission to air it like with any other doccie)

  5. Bill Says:

    Al Gore’s legacy, the “Delaware-Lehigh Scenic By-way” will be up for the final vote Wednesday, July 18, 2012 at the Lower Makefield Supervisor Meeting. The Resolution will remove all of the properties along Routes 32 and 611 from local control to a NGO, an Easton Corporation. COme to the meeting and help Save Bucks County

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