VP Candidate is Insignificant This Time Around

The announcement of Paul Ryan as Romney’s choice for VP immediately brought out attacks from the Left and the Obama camp. These came with a liberal sigh of relief since new attacks against Romney were getting harder and harder to manufacture. There is just so much you can do with class warfare. Ryan provides new meat for the vultures.

Attacks against Ryan, however, could cause issues to surface, something the Obama campaign has been desperately avoiding. The only safe tactic for Obama has been personal attacks. Lack of achievements combined with inexperienced handling of the presidency leaves little else. Class warfare doesn’t work with Ryan; therefore, other personal issues will need to be attacked. It is a safe bet that Ryan will deflect those attacks and counter with budget issues, one of Obama’s most obvious failures.

This is all, however, much ado about nothing. This election does not hinge on the VP candidate. If it did, court jester Biden would guarantee an Obama loss. (Although a debate between Ryan and Biden will certainly not help the Obama campaign.) This election is about ideology and the choice is as different as night and day.

The country is more polarized today than at any other time in recent memory. The rift is, perhaps, wider than it has been since the Civil War. Even during the Vietnam era the division was less defined, and Obama’s insistent reliance on personal ideology has been the catalyst. His attempt to “fundamentally transform America” has drawn a clear line in the sand.

Because of Obama, the far-left fringe believes it is the opportune time to aggressively force itself into the mainstream and the far-right fringe is in a panic to aggressively stop that from occurring. Because of the vast ideological differences, the middle is finding itself forced to take sides, making the split even more distinct.

The direction this country will take is up for grabs. Values, traditions, and attitudes that molded this country, bringing it to the top, are on the chopping block and wholesale elimination of all is the issue. The ideological split is clear and Paul Ryan as a candidate for vice president realistically has no significant impact on the real choice to be made.

David J. Hentosh


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One Response to “VP Candidate is Insignificant This Time Around”

  1. Bruce Platon Says:

    You are right. The assualt against American values and traditions is broad and deep. Catholic and Methodist religous creeds advocate for social-justice and collective-bargaining. I think socialist idealogy contains these ideas, not chrstianity. I was taught that Americian values elevated the individulal not collective masses.

    President Obama can say that no individual can succeed unless the collectine succeeds.


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