Need for Immigration Reform is Critical

Cities with dwindling populations are attracting immigrants in an attempt to reverse the downward trend and re-establish growth. Recognizing that this country was built with immigrants, it is certainly admirable for cities to assist immigrants in getting established and benefit from offering them the opportunity to better their lives. However, ignoring immigration laws in the process helps no one and makes true immigration reform unreachable.

Baltimore is one of the many cities courting immigrants to reverse years of population loss, but Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake signed an order prohibiting police and social agencies from asking anyone about immigration status. This was clearly intended to encourage illegal immigrants to settle in Baltimore and that is succeeding to the extent that Baltimore has become a “sanctuary city”.

Refusal to enforce immigration laws is Obama’s personal policy and, unfortunately, that has emboldened others to follow suit. With Obama’s tacit approval, immigration reform has been re-defined and accepted as “amnesty” by progressives. His campaign promise of immigration reform has not only been broken, it has been replaced with backdoor machinations granting amnesty and executive directives stopping the enforcement of existing immigration laws.

With top-down validation such as this, progressive mayors and city officials have no incentive to curb illegal immigration or any of their personal agendas. A free-for-all atmosphere concerning immigration policy has been created and a general disregard of the law is being encouraged. Ignoring laws leads to chaos, and we are fast approaching that state.

It is true that the vast majority of illegal immigrants are not dangerous criminals, but allowing illegal immigrant populations to grow with impunity attracts those who are dangerous and crime rises as a result. This also creates an atmosphere many long-time residents find undesirable and their exodus begins, leaving behind mostly immigrants, both legal and illegal, with no basis for assimilation. Society suffers further fracturing as a result.

We need real comprehensive immigration reform. Obama must be held accountable for not only failing to deal with it, but for worsening the problem with his lawless backing of a personal agenda. There can be no rational reform with Obama in the White House.

David J. Hentosh

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One Response to “Need for Immigration Reform is Critical”

  1. Bruce Platon Says:

    Illegal immigration results when a country abandons it’s core values.

    Many people know nothing about American history,government,culture, and values. As a rresult, illegal immigration is not important.

    Many Americans only care about thier stuff and take religious freedom and liberty for granted.

    Decades of progressive public school education has produced graduates who act on emotion instead of critical thinking.

    Your audience, critical thinkers, is shrinking and people who act on emotion is growing. It may be too late to remove Obama because of this trend.


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