Who Creates Jobs?

It is not the government’s responsibility to create jobs. Period. It never has been and never should be. The pressing need for jobs today has framed the issue for both political parties and they are both wrong if they believe that government is supposed to create jobs. The only jobs the government creates are government jobs, and we have enough of those already.

The government’s responsibility in this area lies in helping to create an atmosphere that allows the business community to thrive and expand, thereby, promoting the creation of more jobs. When the economy is down and jobs are needed, businesses need assistance from the government, not tighter controls, regulations, or taxes that hamper efforts to invest and expand.

The Obama administration has not created an atmosphere friendly to businesses and the consequence is poor job growth and a weakened economy. Obama’s class warfare has turned many against the rich, the ones who actually can create jobs, and the job market will not open up again until that atmosphere changes. Get rid of the rich and many more jobs will evaporate, along with the unions their businesses keep alive.

Obama doesn’t get it. Romney does. We are in an economical crisis and the solution will not come from a rigid ideology that treats business as the enemy. It will come from a practical understanding of how business works. Obama doesn’t have it. Romney does. It’s as simple as that.

David J. Hentosh


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One Response to “Who Creates Jobs?”

  1. Bruce Platon Says:

    Hooray! You asre right, regulations kill our God given human spirit. People without spirit will not face the unknown and take RISKS. Risk built this country. we must remove risk-killing regulations.


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