Chris Matthews Following Olbermann to Obscurity

When Keith Olbermann began believing he knew best about everything and, especially, about politics, he turned his commentary into a delusional personal agenda that contained little rational thought. His blind hatred of conservatives and Republicans clouded everything he did and he became an embarrassment that could no longer be tolerated. Chris Matthews is on the same path.

Obsessed with race, Matthews finds racism in everything he dislikes about conservatives. It has become his rebuttal in almost any debate on any issue and it is becoming as embarrassing as the screeds that brought down Olbermann.

Matthews has been painting the GOP platform as “tribal messages, the war drums of racial division” even before one speech was delivered at the convention. He has been repeating his delusional observation of a racist “dog whistle” in everything the GOP says, a whistle only he seems to hear. He finds racism where none exists and he finds it everywhere.

Coupled with his blind hatred of conservatism, his unhinged racist charges are turning “Hardball” into “Screwball”, polluting the airwaves with nonsense. It has long been a leftist tactic to brand conservatives as racists, but Matthews is taking it over the top and he is headed down the tubes. It is no longer a tactic for Matthews. It has become a personal disease and he is infecting rational discourse. The sooner he is gone, the better we’ll all be.

David J. Hentosh


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2 Responses to “Chris Matthews Following Olbermann to Obscurity”

  1. Irene Says:

    I wish that liberals (like me) and conservatives could manage to negotiate what’s best for our country with the best ideas from both sides.

    I wish we could come to the conclusion that there is no one true, perfect way; that all ideas must be tested and tried for success and worth before they become a permanent part of our body politic. That compromise serves everyone and ideology before country hurts the nation.

    I wish that all news ceased to be prime time personal rants racing for ratings and became instead a time where the public is provided with facts and rational fact testing. Perhaps we can begin by agreeing that profit driven news is not in the national interest — it serves audiences and agendas rather than facts and logic. That does not mean I think that the government needs to run the news, BBC quality not withstanding; however, I think the news needs to a requirement for maintaining an FCC license and that the news must air without commercials and the expense of the license holder as part of the fee paid for the privilege. News dispensed without the external threat of advertising dollars and judged by quality and content and not by entertainment value is essential to the survival of our republic.

  2. Bruce Platon Says:

    Who is the audience Cris Matthews is talking to?

    He is talhing to poorly educated people who use emotion to coverup thier ignorance when they act. Poorly educated people have the right to vote but they do damahe to our democratic republic.


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