Progressive’s Ignorant Moral Equivalence

For years, progressive liberals have considered moral equivalence a basic tenant of their ideology. President Obama, nurtured by that ideology, brought moral equivalence into the White House as a guiding principle for his personal mission to “transform” America. World events, however, repeatedly show that moral equivalence is not only foolish,it is dangerous.

The events of 9/11 clearly showed the danger radical Islamists pose. However, many treated 9/11 as an opportunity for demanding sympathy for other cultures. Political correctness, coupled with liberal guilt, has produced apologists wrapped in moral equivalency idealistically trying to rationalize uncivilized behavior.

What, exactly, is equivalent in our current culture to rioting and killing over offense at a cartoon or a movie? How many embassies were stormed and how many diplomats were killed when a Saudi cleric offensively claimed on TV that Jewish people used human blood in holiday pastries? How many violent Christian riots broke out when gunmen in Pakistan went door-to-door killing Christians and burning their homes?

Muslim honor killings, where daughters or sisters are killed for shaming the family (sometimes by just being raped) do not equate with our so-called “war on women” that forces a 31-yr-old woman to pay for her own contraceptives and stops a pregnant woman from aborting because the fetus is of the wrong sex. The legal requirement for woman to wear a stifling burka at all times bears little resemblance to laws requiring exotic dancers to wear pasties.

Adherence to moral equivalence breeds the kind of stupidity displayed on MSNBC by Time magazine’s Rana Foroohar. She made a comparison of the clerics and mullahs fueling violent outrage in Egypt to Glenn Beck. Really? How many violent riots and murders has Beck caused? Which embassy was stormed at Beck’s urging?

The more uncivilized behavior is tolerated, the more it occurs. That is the inherent and inevitable danger moral equivalency creates. One can honorably strive to be non-judgmental, but there must be a limit. With our embassy being stormed and personnel being killed in Egypt, a limit certainly has been reached and it would be reasonable to stop the flow of billions of US dollars being given to that hostile nation. Is that too judgmental? How about just firing Time magazine’s Rana Foroohar for blatant stupidity?

David J. Hentosh

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