Media Spins Embassy Attacks

Stop the foolishness and charade. The attacks on our embassies in the Middle East were not caused by a stupid movie. The root cause is hatred of the US that has been deliberately planted and nurtured by Islamic militants wanting to control not only the Arab world, but the entire world.

Their goal is to eradicate both Israel and the US, the two biggest impediments to their mission, and erase centuries of world progress that reduced Arab influence. The desired result is the forced implementation of their distorted version of Sharia Law.

Blaming a filmmaker, as blaming a cartoonist, for violent protests is a smoke screen. Apologizing for an individual’s freedom of expression in a free society is not an appropriate official, or media, response.

The movie was just another excuse for violence against the US. Yes, many Muslims were offended by the movie and decided, or were coerced, to protest. However, the current media debate about whether violence was premeditated or not is just a politically correct attempt to spin reality. Bringing RPG’s to a “peaceful” protest does not require a deep analysis of intent. Doing so on 9/11 is too obvious to be a coincidence.

Furthering the media’s folly has been the intense focus on Romney’s remarks rather than on the administration’s response, or lack of. Turning this into an all-out Romney-bashing event is a transparent low for the media. Attempts to appease Islamic sensitivities are the main thrust of so-called “journalistic” queries that do not center on Romney. Protecting Obama from pre-election negativity is foremost.

There are now rumors circulating about foreknowledge of the attacks by the administration, but the biased media will not tarnish Obama. Those rumors will have to be vetted by independent investigators and, if true, forced onto the mainstream media for reporting. Until that time, we will be subjected to more appeasement attempts, praise for Obama, and Romney-bashing rather than journalism. In other words, the same old daily news casts.

David J. Hentosh


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