From Iran, Another Insult to Decency

It is beyond reason why the UN allows the little man from Iran to speak his twisted and disgusting thoughts for the world to hear. After being warned about incendiary rhetoric, Ahmadinejad ignored the warning and blustered away in front of the UN assembly, making sure to denigrate Israel and offer another promise of its elimination.

Professing his might to withstand any attack, much like Saddam did before finally being hunted down like the rabid dog he was, he pretended that Israel was no threat. He proclaimed, once again, that his nuclear program is for peaceful purposes and then alluded, proudly, to Iran’s death threat against British novelist Rushdie, displaying for all one of his peaceful policies.

Lecturing the UN assembly about Jewish history, insulting Israel as much as possible, he then demands that insults should be considered a crime. It is a sad commentary on the state of the world that he is treated seriously as a president of a country.

It is no wonder that the Middle East is about to explode. You can easily guess who will have to clean up the mess.

David J. Hentosh

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