1st Amendment Clashes With 7th Century

Egypt’s Islamic and Muslim Brotherhood president, Mohamed Morsi, said the US needs to “fundamentally change its approach to the Arab world, showing greater respect for its values”. Furthermore, he said it was “up to Washington to repair relations with the Arab world and to revitalize the alliance with Egypt”. By “revitalize”, he means keeping the money flowing.

Respect for “values” that include beheadings, honor killings, terrorism, a real war on women (as opposed to US liberals’ twisted version), imposed religion, hating Jews, Christian-bashing, and other such behaviors is not going to happen. Until Morsi, along with the Arab world, stops trying to resurrect 7th century values from the ash heap of history, there will be no respect.

The Arab world harmed its relations by attempting to force its values and religious beliefs into universal acceptance. Unfortunately, Obama, sympathetic to Arab demands and intent on diminishing US influence, began a policy of appeasement, bolstering confidence in those trying to force changes that mirror 7th century values. This policy has succeeded only in fanning the flames of fanaticism and unrest in the Middle East.

Thus, Muslim leaders, once again, petitioned the UN to institute universal laws against “blasphemy” in an attempt to force all to bow to their beliefs. Religious fanatics, using a YouTube video as a tool, deliberately fomented riots and violence to assist their agenda. Those blinded by the idealistic notion of moral equivalence believe the ruse and continue to blame the video for this round of violence, thereby, assisting the fanatics in their cause. It is insane.

Religious fanatics are fueled by hate, intent on destruction, and unwilling to compromise. Our 1st Amendment must never bend to 7th century values or be affected by the hypersensitivity of these fanatics. The “change” Morsi seeks needs to start with him, his country, and his “Brotherhood”. Blaming the US for the consequences of Arab behavior has become a transparent ploy.

David J. Hentosh


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