Kathy Boockvar Running on…Inexperience

Democrat Kathy Boockvar, a Doylestown attorney, is challenging PA 8th District’s Republican Mike Fitzpatrick for his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Boockvar ran for election and lost twice before, once for Commonwealth Court Judge and another for Bucks County Register of Wills. This is her third attempt at winning a public office.

Boockvar lacks political experience and although that is not normally a political show-stopper, it is particularly poignant this election cycle. Obama proved to all, or at least to those paying attention, that experience actually does count. Our economy, foreign relations, and social structure are suffering badly because of his inexperience and lack of responsible leadership. Voters should be hesitant to elect any political novice at any level at this time.

Adding to the bad timing of Kathy’s challenge is the absence of fresh ideas or a new direction that could at least spark interest from voters. Railing against the rich and corporations, blaming Bush tax cuts, and bringing our troops home are stale, Democrat talking points. So, too, is her bumper-sticker, fear-inducing accusation that Fitzpatrick wants to “kill” Social Security. Desiring a change to the tax code is pretty much an across-the-board issue with all candidates and accusing Fitzpatrick of partisanship sounds like the pot calling the kettle black

Boockvar will appeal to far-left voters because she certainly leans that way, but far-left tactics won’t convince others. On her website, she lamely tries to pair Fitzpatrick with Tod Akins, hoping printing their names together will stain Fitzpatrick with Akins’ infamous blunder. That and accusing Fitzpatrick of trying to “roll back women’s rights”, however, are typical far-left, over-the-top tactics showing her true colors – and they are bland.

One can find fault with Fitzpatrick as with any politician, but inexperience or extremism certainly do not apply. Boockvar offers nothing to make one believe a change is necessary. It seems that as far as elections go, it may be “three strikes and you’re out” for Boockvar.

David J. Hentosh

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One Response to “Kathy Boockvar Running on…Inexperience”

  1. sean Reilly Says:

    She and her husband, Jordan Yeager, Esq are members of the far-left National Lawyers Guild. The local chapter of NLG in Phila defended Mumia Abbual Jabbar, convicted killer of Pollice Officer Daniel Faulkner, to hold a phone conference from his jail cell in Dec 2011 to the National Constitution Center. Also, Lynne Stewart, Esq, NLG member was charged after providing info to terrorists from her client, the blind shiek.

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