Another Nanny State Failure

Idealism begat socialism which begat the Nanny State where “choice” is taken from the individual and given to the government which supposedly knows best about all things and provides everything one needs in order to live happily ever after. The intent may seem good but, as everyone knows, intentions pave the road to hell.

Obama embraces the Nanny State and has been forcing idealistic policies that fail miserably when confronted with reality. Solyndra failed because the technology is not efficient or economically feasible. The Chevy Volt is failing because it is premature technology forced upon the public, wasting taxpayer money. The entire coal industry has been decimated by a “green” policy blind to consequences and reality. Dependency on foreign oil remains a problem while our own oil is left untapped because of idealistic notions.

The latest Nanny State failure, pushed by Michelle Obama, is the school lunch “mandate” from the Department of Agriculture. This mandate forces schools to eliminate popular foods and offer reduced calorie lunches (at a higher cost, of course) of healthy foods such as humus and black bean salads to children who, as any parent knows, usually abhor them. Consequently, children are throwing away the food and going hungry rather than eating what Michelle knows is best.

The mandate’s “one size fits all” calorie cap doesn’t account for student athletes and others needing more calories and certainly doesn’t satisfy the appetites of teenagers. High school football players can burn up to 3,000 calories a day and the 850 calorie maximum doesn’t work for them. Children are going hungry and parents are protesting in anger. The slippery slope of government mandates is once again causing havoc – and failing.

On the positive side, Obama could learn much-needed economic lessons. Students are protesting by bringing lunch to school rather than buying it in cafeterias, hitting schools in the pocketbook. A student black market in items such as chocolate syrup is springing up, demonstrating the backbone of a market economy: “supply and demand”. Perhaps Obama will also learn that a government program, even when mandated, is useless when people won’t use it. Then, again, Obama knows best – right?

David J. Hentosh


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One Response to “Another Nanny State Failure”

  1. Deborah Jeffries Says:

    Michelle Obama is a tyrant like her dictator husband who seems to be under the misguided notion that her position as First Lady makes her have control over governmental policy. This mandate is costly and unnecessary. She has also used her “influence” to demand menu changes at national fast food chains. This woman is not a head of state, elected official or nutritionist for that matter. This is America folks and an overbearing and intrusive government is not the answer to the dilemas of life.

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