Blind Media Stunned by Debate

The infallibility of Obama was created, sustained, and fully invested in by the media, so to see him on stage looking foolish, stuttering instead of filling the airwaves with imperious rhetoric, was an enormous shock.

To those with no blinders, Obama performed like…well…Obama. His answers were the same type of answers he always gives and there was just as little substance in them as always. To believers, though, it was a slap in the face.

The difference was the environment and ego, or lack of. There was no teleprompter to supply answers to questions rarely asked of him, no cheering audience inflating his ego, and no way out. Obama was on his own, challenged by one doubting his superior intelligence and prepared to rip down the protective media curtain hiding his inadequacies.

Fear of that exposure stifled Obama, and the debate moderator, surprisingly, made no effort to save him. Having no achievements to blunt Romney’s tacit accusations, Obama’s inferior understanding of business and economic issues was evident. He didn’t even have his usual flip answers prepared. Perhaps that’s because he was conditioned by the media to believe he would never be challenged.

Well, live by the media, die by the media – and Obama died, at least for one night. That doesn’t mean, however, that the media won’t recover. It certainly was bad enough to turn Chris Matthew’s leg tingle into a nervous tic, but the spin has already begun. Desperate excuses for Obama’s poor showing abound, the dumbest coming from Al Gore who blamed the high altitude of Denver. That’s better than blaming global warming, but not by much.

Before hopes begin that the media has seen the light, one must recognize the reason for its disappointment. It was not the substance of Obama’s responses, or lack of, that caused panic. It was his failure of delivery, style, and command or, in other words, his façade. Substance was never an issue for the media concerning Obama. It never has been and never will be.

David J. Hentosh

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