Bird-Brained Obama Campaign

The Obama campaign is finally being recognized to be empty of substance, even by some hardcore believers. Losing badly in the first debate gave many a glimpse of Obama they have refused to see and, consequently, the smoke screen of his re-election campaign is becoming evident.

The new ad from the Obama campaign this week based on Romney’s insignificant Big Bird comment in the first debate has magnified the campaign’s tactic of shifting focus from real issues to personal attacks and irrelevant sideshows. Even Chris Matthews, one of Obama’s staunchest advocates, found the ad to be silly, calling it “Mickey Mouse”, and Democrat strategist Bob Shrum admonished that “We need to be talking about who is going to save Medicare, not who is going to save Big Bird”.

It is one thing for politically clueless and shallow celebrities, such as, to use such bird-brained tactics as he did Tuesday at an Obama rally when he played the Sesame Street theme. It is quite another for a so-called professionally run campaign to do so. Incumbents have always focused on achievements before personal attacks in their re-election campaigns. Obama is sadly lacking in achievements and this ad makes that clear even to those with blinders on.

Supposedly, Big Bird was added to the Obama campaign’s bag of tricks in order to shed doubt on Romney’s seriousness. It backfired and, instead, highlighted their own lack of seriousness. If that is the most critical point from Romney during the debate to attack, Romney’s win must seem even bigger than it was in the eyes of voters – and many of those eyes are opening for the first time.

This has been brought to you by the letter “B” – for Bird-brained.

David J. Hentosh

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