Elite Biden’s Sneering Performance

Of course liberal elitists loved Biden’s over-the-top performance in the VP debate. How could they not? Sneering is their game and it is driven by delusions of superior intelligence. Biden reeked with it.

Convinced that anyone who doesn’t agree with dictated ideological principles is a fool, liberals cannot hide disdain. Biden was certainly not trying to hide his. He was deliberately showing it, perhaps even forcing it at times, to display a superiority he believes the American public will find appealing.

It is hard to believe normal people will find Biden’s sneering,  arrogant display appealing. Confidence is certainly acceptable, but arrogance has never been appreciated and many have fallen because of it. Biden, of course, has always seemed to be slightly out of touch with reality, and his deliberate tactic of arrogance proved he was once again.

VP debates never change the course of a presidential election, but they certainly can highlight the philosophical difference for voters. The choice clearly shown here is between class and elite arrogance. Content of this debate is already being forgotten.

Mad Hatter Chris Matthews loved Biden’s performance as, one can suspect, did Obama. Only those sharing that elite arrogance  appreciate it. For many others, it left a bad taste that will linger all the way to November.

David J. Hentosh

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