Fool Me Twice…

We have all heard the saying: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”. The majority of American voters have now been fooled twice. Another old adage says that “people get the leaders they deserve” so, sadly, the American people must deserve Obama – again.

This country will never be the same – ever. Many of those who feel that’s a good thing have no personal experience with this country as it once was. Some are too young or are recent immigrants (legal or illegal) and, therefore, arrived after American values and pride began to decline. Others have been too wrapped up in guilt or idealistic nonsense to appreciate what we had and, unfortunately, have passed that onto their children.

The American Dream has now morphed into the American Delusion. The Wizard is behind the curtain pulling the levers that increase the debt and raise taxes in order to sustain the delusion. The majority of people voted for personal interests rather than the national good and that cannot bode well for the future.

When it all goes terribly wrong, as it must, it is not apparent that we will have the means to recover. With no re-election acting as a restraint, Obama is free to arrogantly circumvent regulations, laws, and Congress to implement his personal, idealistic philosophy. Four more years of increasing the number on government dependence may be enough to stack the vote forever. How many of those capable of economically investing in, and sustaining, the country will remain after being demonized by the administration?

The American “experiment in democracy” may very well be over with the United States on its way to becoming the new Western Europe. Whatever is coming, or going, is certainly going to cost much more. After all, someone has to pay for “free” abortions, contraceptives, college, green energy, and medical care for all.

If you voted for Obama, consider yourself fooled twice – and shame on you.

David J. Hentosh



2 Responses to “Fool Me Twice…”

  1. Dot Carone Says:

    Not only what you have written, but let us not forget that two Supreme Court Judges will be picked by Obama!

  2. Says:

    Stolen electionObama Victory: – Proof Lying, Indoctrination, Propaganda beget Socialism, Tyranny & Totalitarianism Newsletter Add commentsNov 072012 Crime pays. That’s the lesson from the Nov. 6th, 2012 re-election of Obama. Obama has not been charged with a crime but stealing an election by false information is an offense against humanity. Societies work because people trust other people. When that trust is broken people are harmed. If the particular offense is part of the criminal laws it’s a crime but all actions which should be crimes are not specifically in the laws. Obama violated the trust of Americans and lied about it many times. Continue reading at: From Bill O’Neill

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