Election Results Still Coming In

Election results continue to pile up days after the votes have been counted. Too many voters chose to ignore the ongoing economic disaster and based their votes on emotions, social issues, personal beliefs, and feel-good issues rather than the failures Obama’s policies have created. Consequences of such irresponsible voting are already starting to occur and will be hard to ignore.

Many companies waited anxiously for election results before making business decisions that affect the job market and unemployment because the direction of government policies was in the balance. With Obama’s re-election, that direction became clear and decisions are being made quickly. Layoffs are now occurring daily as businesses are making plans for a future that is not economically favorable for expansion.

Large companies such as Boeing, Westinghouse and Bristol-Myers, and many smaller companies are reducing their workforce in order to offset increasing costs that Obamacare and other administration policies will bring.  There should be no surprise at this since warnings were given beforehand, but too many voters did not listen.

The Obama administration, along with a compliant media, chose to focus on emotional and social issues that enticed voters ignorant of the economic consequences. Many of those same voters will now lose their jobs and be forced to face the economic reality of another Obama term. The pressing issue of “jobs” and Obama’s failure to promote confidence in the business community was deliberately minimized and hidden.

Voter ignorance has always been a problem, but with the economic crisis affecting the world today, the consequence this time around could be devastating. Obama-voters finding themselves suddenly unemployed may be taken by surprise, but they were warned and should have paid attention. Unfortunately, everyone else is also going to have to pay the price for their dream. That dream is already turning into a nightmare for many.

David J. Hentosh


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