Yes, We Are Doomed

While those on the left are spiking the football and high-fiving, those who understand reality are hanging their head in the knowledge that the end is here. It isn’t just a depressed reaction to a loss. It is the sad fact that we are doomed while a majority of Americans (or, at least voters) don’t care as long as the pretense continues.

Perhaps Mark Steyn expressed it best: “Americans as a whole have joined the rest of the Western world in voting themselves a lifestyle they are not willing to earn”. Watching Europe reach the breaking point under the unsustainable burden of socialism has not dented the liberal urge to emulate that failure. Cradle-to-grave government subsistence is just too attractive for them.

If it were only economic collapse this election guaranteed, one could prepare for the worst and begin to devise financial remedies for the future. Unfortunately, much more than that was lost and there is little hope remaining that it can ever be recovered.

Individual pride and independence that birthed a “can do” attitude has rotted into “can’t do without government help”. “You didn’t build that yourself” not only derisively slapped the face of those who did, it has become an accepted principle of this “new” America.

The family unit, the cornerstone of this country, is not only falling apart; it is being systematically and deliberately dismantled. The media adoration for the Obama family unit is flagrantly incongruent with its promotion of single mothers, gay marriage, contraception, abortions, and working women. All can be considered worthwhile causes, but not as replacements for the family unit.

The “common good” is gone forever. Catering to demands of a minority has fractured any cohesiveness this country attained. A common language cannot even be agreed upon. The economy and the fabric of the entire country became drastically altered with Obamacare in order to accommodate 10% of the population, and the majority finds that acceptable. How small must the fragmented pieces get before there is little left but dust?

Americans have become spoiled by the successes of past generations and the “me” generation has grown into the “me” society with damaging attitudes. Dependency is a drug and Americans have joined Europeans in their addiction to it. This election sold America to buy that drug. It is doubtful if it can be bought back at any price.

Yes, there is good reason for feeling doomed, unless you are addicted to that drug of dependency. In that case, you are just too numb to feel it.

David J. Hentosh

UPDATE: No votes for Romney in 59 Philadelphia voting districts


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6 Responses to “Yes, We Are Doomed”

  1. sasoc Says:

    My further thoughts on the matter, written back in March, when there was still hope

  2. sasoc Says:

    Nicely done, and yes our democratic republic is in fact doomed, but perhaps it would be more correct to observe that is doomed in the near term….for it was doomed from the day of its founding in the sense that all democracies must eventually decline and give way to the mob as the founding ideals are diluted and forgotten by a simple majority of citizens.

    The American culture of self-reliance has been a bulwark against this inexorable force towards subjugation and the yoke of Leviathan, but that culture has finally given way and we are lost.

    We all can say that we lived in the Age of Reagan, when America led the world to freedom, and in the Age of Fascism, when Liberals finally succeeded in restoring the age of patronage, dependance, and the cult of personality that American colonists violently threw off. I am grateful, and heartbroken.

  3. Basharr Says:

    Reblogged this on Basharr's Outpost and commented:
    This says it all!!!!

  4. Basharr Says:

    I am going to re-blog this saddening but spot on post. Bush will not be to blame for the next 4. The problem we face is accountability deficits. Obama sucked in his first 4 and nobody on the left was willing to hold him accountable for a piss-poor job at best. If we have a voting block that refuses to set a bar to be reached, then we know there is no need for this man Obama to try.

  5. Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs ( Post-election edition) | SENTRY JOURNAL Says:

    […] Thomas Jefferson Club Blog: Yes, We Are Doomed […]

  6. Righton Says:

    Hentosh needs a wider audience (no offense Jeff Club).
    Exit pollsters found more voters blamed Bush for our economic woes, rather than the man in charge for the last four years!
    We are doomed.

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