Obama’s Class Warfare Success

Obama’s deliberate fomenting of class warfare helped him get re-elected, but ending that war will be a problem. He can simply declare the war over in Afghanistan and pull our troops out, but the movement stirred by attacking the rich cannot be turned off like a spigot. His tactic has blossomed into an “us against them” attitude growing wild in our society.

Residents in over 30 states have now filed secession petitions. They are being countered by retaliation petitions to strip citizenship from those who signed the secession petitions. Obama has pitted citizen against citizen in order to get re-elected and it has widened the partisan gap and intensified animosity between the haves and have-nots.

As Obamacare kicks in forcing businesses to make economic cuts, many agitated “99-percenters” are in an uproar that those businesses are unwilling to eat the costs, eliminate profit, and hire more employees. Obama’s war on business has convinced them that all business is evil.

The “war on women” meme, a total fabrication, was created to turn women against Republicans. Planned Parenthood, a business Obama did like, was dishonestly presented as being under attack by Republicans wanting to stop women from getting mammograms, a procedure that Planned Parenthood doesn’t even offer.

Ignoring existing laws and making end runs around regulations, Obama systematically began his own amnesty program for illegal immigrants, tacitly accusing Republicans of cold-heartedly wanting to keep all Latino immigrants out.

False allegations of racism were abundantly used by the media to solidify the black vote. Voting for Obama solely because he was black became an undercurrent resulting in an unbelievable majority of the black vote. The fact that Obama has done little for the black community was washed away by a white vs. black tsunami that is reversing years of positive gains in racial relations.

Obama’s entire re-election campaign was based on separating rather than uniting, keeping the focus away from his failures and lack of achievements. It was successful, but the rift it caused is continuing. If we are lucky, the healing may begin in four years, but it is doubtful it will start earlier. Obama has convinced far too many to follow his lead.

David J. Hentosh

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