Obama’s Economy

The election is over and the future for businesses is now on a clearer path. This is Obama’s economy and Bush can no longer be blamed.

Xerox to layoff 2500 employees.

Texas Instrument to layoff 1700 employees.

NBCUniversal final count of 500 employee layoffs.

Hostess shutting down – 18,500 jobs lost.

Panasonic to layoff 10,000 workers.

Cummins to layoff 1500 workers.

There is an avalanche of layoffs occurring in the wake of Obama’s re-election and there is no way to spin this positively. On the bright side, free contraceptives and food stamps will ease the burden for laid off workers.

David J. Hentosh


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2 Responses to “Obama’s Economy”

  1. Bruce L. Platon Says:


    We are in serious troble for many years. Obama wants to transform our country into a sociaalist country using central planners and Keynsian econoomics. The majority of voters want too trade freedon and liberty for stuff.

    Decades of progressive teaching in our puplic schools has produced graduates who want to be taken care of by a benevolent government.


  2. Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs (Hillary edition) | SENTRY JOURNAL Says:

    […] Thomas Jefferson Club Blog: Obama’s Economy […]

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