Progressive Dilemma

Michigan State Lawmakers are considering legislation that would allow a fetus of at least 12-weeks to qualify as a dependent for state income tax purposes. Giving tax breaks (in essence, government assistance) to the non-rich by admitting that a fetus is a dependent and, therefore, a human being, is a real dilemma for the liberal agenda.

Progressive liberals have re-elected Obama based on fondness for government assistance, but abortion is a sacrosanct tenet and a fetus must always be treated as just a blob of tissue. How can a blob of tissue be a dependent when it is nothing but a nuisance? However, getting tax breaks for those who aren’t rich has been a class warfare battle and this is, in essence, a progressive win.

The Michigan National Organization for Women is claiming that this tax legislation has a hidden agenda of establishing fetal personhood in order to ultimately ban abortion. In other words, it’s one of those slippery slopes that they vehemently deny exist when advocating abortion-on-demand. The fact that such legislation would actually benefit women, the reason for their organization’s existence, means nothing.

The cost of such legislation will, of course, be passed onto taxpayers already saddled with an enormous bill. The cost for progressives could end up being very painful. For many, however, this dilemma is priceless.

David J. Hentosh


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3 Responses to “Progressive Dilemma”

  1. Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs (Traditions edition) | SENTRY JOURNAL Says:

    […] Thomas Jefferson Club Blog: Progressive Dilemma […]

  2. Bruce L. Platon Says:

    David, you are right about those womens groups.

    Eventually they will run out of other people’s money and then what?

  3. Dot Carone Says:

    I appreciate these emails. What happened to Jeff McGeary? I have been trying to email him regarding UN Agenda 21. Are any of our communities adhearing to this agenda and do they really know what it is. I think we should be active in this. The Book “Behind the Green Mask – UN Agenda 21” is frightening.

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