Minority Now Rules

We are often reminded that the U.S. is not a democracy, it is a republic. The difference being that in a republic, elected representatives make policy decisions rather than the people directly as in a democracy. Our Founding Fathers were adamant about this distinction, knowing how easily a democracy can be distorted.

Our republic, distorted in the public’s mind as a democracy, is now fast becoming an ochlocracy, colloquially better known as a mobocracy. This is a form of government where a mass of people (a mob) rules, usually by means of intimidating authority. An ochlocracy easily arises from a distortion of democracy when passion overrules reason.

It is apparent that passion is overtaking reason in our society. Obama utilized this passion and preyed on the fear of many receiving government assistance to get votes. An overwhelming number of them voted for Obama, overlooking the fact that his policies actually hurt them with continued unemployment, increasing national debt, and unfulfilled promises.

Obamacare, a major impact to our economy and entire society, mainly benefits 10% of our population who are uninsured. The gay community, comprising fewer than 10% of the population, demands and receives special attention and special legislation impacting all of society. Issues surrounding illegal immigrants are polarizing and fracturing society to the point of endangering the nation’s security. Abortion, a procedure utilized by a small minority, overshadows national security, the failing economy, and the common good.

The minority is beginning to rule and because we have so many differing minorities, splintering of society is a given. This could easily lead to an oligarchy as a solution to the chaos, where power rests in the hands of only a few. From there, it is one small step to tyranny, where one rules all.

For those who believe tyranny can’t happen here, reflect upon how easily Obama bypassed Congress and disregarded laws for his own purposes – with impunity. Combine that with the blind faith in Obama held by many, exemplified by Jamie Foxx’s recent statement at the Soul Train Award Show: “First of all, give an honor to God and our lord and savior Barack Obama”. This is a frightening display of passion over reason.

Also frightening is Egypt’s newly elected President granting himself absolute power, promising it is only temporary and that he won’t be another dictator. If you believe that one, you’re already far past reasoning and ripe for tyranny.

David J. Hentosh


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6 Responses to “Minority Now Rules”

  1. Bruce L. Platon Says:


    Forty years of progressive publc school indoctronation has produced graduates who are afraid to reach thier own opinions because they might offend someone and that’s not PC. The upshot is that those will act on emotion thier ignorance and weakness.

  2. Righton Says:


  3. Denise Says:

    Looky looky. The Tyrant Lincoln turned Federal guns on rightful American Citizens, on nbehalf othe Rothchild’s Egyptian cotton profits. the Civil was was NEVER about “freing the Darkies from Dem White Debbil Slavers” – it was about the fact that Southern cotton production was cutting into the profits of the alien vermin. The Klan was formed to protect Southerners from the violence unleashed on them, when depraved Yankee Carpet Bagging “do-gooders” unleashed Negroes, and to drive OUT the Yankee scum. The klan has been demonized ever since, by lying, vile , filthy subversives like the SPLC (Southern Poverty Lies Center) , and the ADL (All Demons League) ever since. Looks like the Klan is being vindicated, these day.s every day and every way. HA!

    • thomasjeffersonclubblog Says:

      I certainly see no vindication for the Klan or any organization based on hatred and I find that they demonized themselves through their despicable actions. Minorities ruling comes about through liberal guilt and their tendency to champion any underdog to assuage that guilt. It is now out-of-control as the pendulum is at an extreme. There is enough blame to go around on both sides for the Civil War, though it is true that slavery was not the only reason for the war. That, however, does not absolve slavery as a cause or diminish the abolishing of slavery as a positive result. There is no empathy found here for the Klan’s continued existence or for your rationalization of the Klan.

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