Total Derangement From Slate

Just when we thought Chris Matthews was a shoe-in for the year’s most outrageous and dumbest allegation of racism, we find a column by Ron Rosenbaum over at Slate insinuating (seriously) that a preference for white turkey meat is racist.

In true elite form, Rosenbaum can’t understand how anyone could prefer white meat to dark because…well, because he doesn’t. He proceeds to denigrate white meat (and throws in white bread) as if it were a hated Republican presidential candidate. Finally, he pulls the race card out of his sleeve in case he was being too nuanced for the dumb masses.

His attempt at intellectual analysis of such a ridiculous hypothesis falls short of being silly and ends up pathetic, as does Slate for running such gibberish. One can hardly wait for his next column explaining any Republican’s desire to save the coal industry, coupled with a disgusting preference for vanilla ice cream.

Get a life, Ron.

David J. Hentosh


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