Poisoning Football with Politics

In a recent article in the Washington Post, writer Erik Wemple not only lauded Bob Costas’ editorializing about gun control during a Sunday Night Football halftime show, he advocated more editorializing during games. He called NFL commentators “cowards” for sticking to analyzing the games (their job) rather than “addressing things that actually matter”.

This asinine idea of forcing politics into every nook and cranny of society and turning every issue into a political football is exactly why the country is paralyzed and unable to find common ground on many important issues. Politics poisons common sense, damaging everything it touches, and Wemple is advocating the poisoning of sports.

One need only look at abortion and gun control to see how politics, which always ends up highly partisan, destroyed common sense and rationality on two important and complex issues. The left refuses to entertain discussions about any limits on abortion while the right will not give an inch on any restrictions of the sale or ownership of guns. Consequently, having an abortion or owning a gun actually begins to become advocated rather than just allowed.

Common sense or common ground has been eliminated because these issues have become tenets defining a political stance. Taking the middle ground on either issue makes you a political heretic. There is to be no bending at all lest one’s political agenda appear weak, therefore, there can be no rational discussion.

If sports are, as Wemple readily admits, an escape, why wreck it? Politics has seeped into everything, poisoning the enjoyment of many things. Cable TV is saturated with political editorializing, networks inject it into weekly shows, radio shows are dedicated to it, and our kids bring it home from school. Escaping politics and the pressures of the world for a few hours is therapeutic.

Toss the coin, pass the chips, and let the games begin. We can all use a break from political opinions. Now, about those Eagles….


David J. Hentosh


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3 Responses to “Poisoning Football with Politics”

  1. Basharr Says:

    Back again after thinking on Costas, Cowboys Nose Tackle DUI killed practice team player Jerry Brown over the weekend, the car being driven by Josh Brent skidded for approximately 900 feet before coming to a stop. Where is Costas on this, why is he not talking about car control? Just sayin.

  2. Basharr Says:

    Whats worse is the NFL (Goodell) is taking the liberal insanity a step too far and considering altering the game and removing the kickoff. Yes thats right Football with no Foot, well there would be punts but his plan is after coin toss the winning team gets the ball on their 30 yard line. After extra point ball again placed on controlling teams 30 yard line. Talk about poisoning Football. Is not the kickoff and return prospect some of the most exciting parts of football?

    Oh and in case you want to risk a stroke…


    It is going to be a very long 4 years.

  3. Frank trenga Says:

    We have laws that are not enforced.

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