The Never Ending Campaign

Obama is most comfortable on the campaign trail where reality can be ignored and his idealism can soar on lofty rhetoric designed to stir emotions rather than reason in crowds willing to believe every word. It is what he does best and theatrical campaign tactics remain a staple of his administration.

Every speech Obama delivers is in the form of a campaign stump speech. We saw this during his push for Obamacare when details of the heath care bill remained hidden behind numerous exaggerated benefits that, of course, have yet to materialize. The 2009 political theater he staged in the Rose Garden with doctors in lab coats was an embarrassment for the nation, but not for Obama. He was in his element.

Even now, after re-election and no longer courting votes, Obama can’t give up campaigning and political theater. He brought children to the signing of his 23 gun-related ‘executive orders’, using them as stage props to take the focus away from his arrogant forcing of legislation. Not only is this another embarrassing display, it is an insult to the intelligence of all. It is also indicative of how Obama looks down on the “masses” but, unfortunately, many remain willing to be treated as fools.

With re-election behind him, Obama is beginning to display more arrogance and less willingness to compromise. He no longer needs public approval in order to continue his “fundamental transformation” of America, but he does feel the need to campaign for it. Campaigning has been his most successful accomplishment and he can’t give it up.

Unfortunately, we will suffer through four more years of Obama’s campaigning before being subjected to another presidential campaign. Obama has succeeded in “transforming” politics into a never ending campaign. Do we really deserve this?

David J. Hentosh


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One Response to “The Never Ending Campaign”

  1. Bruce Says:

    Obama will be very successful because he is talking to an audience of people who are not capable of “critical thinkiing” . These people like subjective words that evoke emotional feelings. Subjective words allow people to cover up thier lack of education due to public school education. Public schools teach compliance instead of individualism. America was built by God fearing individuals who were allowed to develop thier God given skills, talents, and intelligence.


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