Biden’s Bogus Boasting

Vice president Biden is loved by the liberal media for speaking “off the cuff”, but he has long surpassed that tendency and now speaks more “off the wall”. That’s what happens when someone is given a pass for poor behavior; it gets worse over time. Biden is becoming a caricature of himself and it is no longer amusing.

His latest off-the-wall stretching of the truth occurred during a meeting of mayors in Washington where he was cheer leading for Obama’s gun control measures. He claimed to have been golfing a quarter-mile away from the Amish schoolhouse shooting in 2006 and heard the gunshots, but the nearest golf course is five miles away and he was not there at the time. Unless he was putting alone in the woods, his story is a total fabrication.

Biden loves to make up stories that give him a seemingly first-hand understanding of issues that are usually outside his personal experience. He is the epitome of the self-serving, ingratiating politician who feels the need to connect with people by “sharing their pain”. Biden pretends to be a “common Joe” in order to bring himself down to a typical voter’s level – a level he has been far removed from for quite some time. He feels empowered to make up stories to do so.

It is no surprise that Obama seems to have a special connection with Biden as does the liberal media. It is also no surprise that there is talk of him running for president in 2016. It would be a continuation of the farce and a further return on the media’s investment in Obama.

It is time to put a stop to Biden’s buffoonery and lies. He is an embarrassment to the White House and to the nation. It is unfortunate that he remains vice president, but it would be a disaster if he became president. That idea needs to be nipped in the bud now.

David J. Hentosh


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