Religiously Rigid Liberals

Many liberals sneer at organized religion, yet, believe in their own liberal agenda with as much religious rigidity and fervor found in any clergyman. Many of these liberal “beliefs” are based on nothing more than idealistic wishful thinking and are immune to facts or reality.

Maureen Dowd, appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, provided a liberal religious tenet and a prediction of the future based on that tenet saying: “…five years from now, you guys are going to be here and you’re going to be discussing Obama’s memoir, which he will have written, and it’s going to be the most brilliant political memoir outside of Ulysses Grant…you’re going to be saying…Why couldn’t he have applied that super-brain to Washington and gotten it to work better?”

The deliberately generated myth of Obama’s superior intelligence has become sacrosanct for many liberals in spite of the lack of proof to validate it. Dowd’s belief takes it one step further by assuring us that anything Obama does in the future will also be fantastic because of his “super brain”. She, along with many others, believes this fully. It is how Obama got elected and re-elected.

Al Sharpton, too, religiously believes in Obama’s superiority to the point of wanting him to be the next president carved onto Mt. Rushmore. Expanding on his ignorance in thinking there is a spot waiting for another president on the mountain; Sharpton doesn’t need to see what Obama’s second term brings before crowning him more deserving than Teddy Roosevelt. Sharpton created his own, personal liberal religion.

Liberal beliefs such as these have resulted in paralyzing Washington. There can be no compromise or solutions to real problems when fiction and blind faith rule the day. Obama legitimized and set the tone for this and it will remain until he is gone. By then, it may be too late.

David J. Hentosh


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2 Responses to “Religiously Rigid Liberals”

  1. Says:

    Obama’s brilliance proves the welfare state was never needed ! LMAO.

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  2. N Milgram Says:

    I am sickened by the constant barrage of Elites and self proclaimed intellectuals touting the superior intelligence of Obama. He is nothing more then a smiling salesman, promising all of the uninformed and on the dome populace what he will give them, and that the Republicans are what is to blame for their lot in life. The only saving grace is he only has 4 more years. But he can destroy, oh I’m sorry, funfimentally change this great nation before then.

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